Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Random thoughts on my evening run...

1) Do I haaaave to? Look at that empty bottle of Tempranillo...wouldn't you rather watch The Simpsons and drink wine?
2) I'm going to try on those jeans that don't fit so good no more for motivation. Oh hey, the fit...better. That is a different kind of motivation than I was expecting.
3) Ok, but wine asks "Are you sure?"
4) Here I am! Outside in the 60 degree weather. 4 miles today, I think. It's cool enough.
5) Sucking wind. I really shouldn't have drunk so much Tempranillo last night.
6) I should find another route to the lake that doesn't go past that fried chicken place. That's just cruel.
7) I am embarrassingly motivated by "My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark". Surreptitious fist pump.
8) It's weird that well lit tunnels covered in art are still creepy.
9) Man, running sucks.
10) That guy just cropdusted me. Not cool, bro.
11) Check time: SLOW DOWN.
12) I am not good at running. That guy looks like a gazelle. I feel like I'm running on stumps.
13) I live for the applause, applause...
14) What am I eating for dinner? Chicken breast...kale...black olives? Black olives.
15) Jesus Christ, where is the mile marker?? I've clearly been running for 5 hours.
16) Oh, there it is. Turn around, hooray!
17) I am super good at running! I'm in the zone! I should run a marathon!!
18) Man, I am a great dancer in my head.
19) Taylor Swift, this song makes no sense. Why would a crossword puzzle not have a right answer?
20) Ok, this is why you need to slow down your first few miles. Now you're dying. People who run marathons are insane.
21) Great, the Canadian geese have migrated up this way. I love running through crowds of aggressive water fowl.
23) God, aren't I done yet? I've been running for 12 days.
24) There's that fried chicken place again. This is why you don't run with money to buy things.
25) Although remember on Friday when you tucked $10 into your running pants pocket and stopped at the cheese store on your way home? Life: nailed it.
26) That Podda was amazing with pickled okra...
27) Time to cool down, hooray! This is my favorite time...the longest amount of time until I have to run again.
28) God, why do I live on the 3rd floor?? Do you think I can crawl up the stairs? Wait no, the guy who lives below me is cute. Time to act breezy and strong like that was NBD.
29) So. Many. Stairs.
30) Suck it, jeans. Dinner time!


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