Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

One of my exs was a huge name dropper. At times it was fine, because he was actually friends with the people he was talking about, so it would be the same way of talking as you would about a good friend. Mostly, it was really annoying because it came with this claim of self importance. Not because they were friends, but the way he talked about these people insisted on their fame and how he was so close to them.

I mentioned a very good friend of mine, how we play games together and hang out and immediately he went on about how he knew my friend and they were good friends. And that everyone was friends with my friend because my friend is famous.


So I went out drinking with my friend and he told me he didn't know what my ex looked like. I pulled out my itouch and should him a picture.

"I didn't meet this one."

"Oh he's from the city we live in."

"Oh, I don't recall meeting this guy."

I tried not to laugh. It felt great to know that my ex was full of bullshit.

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