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On Other Side Of Bathroom Wall Was Ugh So Ugh

It was my late grandmother’s bedroom but since she died over 15 years ago my mother has used it for storage.

We put dividers so BF and GF from entering along with ourselves since well I have zero desire to put it back. My mother decided to clean out some stuff. What did we find against the wall in which the opposite side is my bathroom?


She put wool rugs there stacked and on top a few stuffed animals. The rugs were eaten by moths. Moths. One stuffed animal was covered at the bottom with black. Moth poop? Have no idea. You can still tell the pattern on the wool rugs but that’s it. She sprayed the rugs with bug spray.

So close to my bathroom a literal wall is between it. I have no idea how the moths came in nor do I know how we never knew it.


We put the stuffed animals in bags. My mother will clean one since it was a gift.

Lesson: Probably best not to store wool rugs on the floor.

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