A couple of days ago, I went to a very fancy bar - The Office, which is part of Grant Achatz's restaurant group. It is so fancy that there is no cocktail list; each drink is custom based upon your particular tastes. It isn't cheap. I emphasize this only because of what I am about to relate.
We were seated directly across from the bar and people watched. At first, there was a couple seated to the far right. About an hour later, a guy, party of one, was seated at the opposite end of the bar. The woman of the couple who was already seated was closest to the newcomer. Well, eventually the woman turned her body completely away from her date to talk to the newcomer. The newcomer moved to the bar stool next to hers, they sat with their heads together, talking, while the man from the couple bit his nails. He went to the bathroom and the girl exchanged phone numbers with the newcomer.

So, being a table full of ladies, most single, we decided to invite the man to our table. He told us that not only were they at the Office, where each drink is $20, but they'd earlier been to Alinea, which is consistently rated the top restaurant in North America and a very special place. I think it is 16 courses, wine pairings, the whole thing.

Anyway, while I don't think that the woman owed this man anything, I do think that she ought to have held off on flirting with another man because this man clearly liked her a lot and was trying very hard to win her over.

My friend brought up another incident to me, where a friend of hers who was in a long distance relationship invited me out to what he termed a platonic dinner I was also in a long distance relationship. We went to a bar after dinner. He asked what I wanted, and I said "something sparkling," thinking a cave or prosecco, then excused myself to the restroom. When I came back, there was a bottle of bubbly at the table and the server offered to let me saber it to open it. Which I did. I also broke the neck, sending half the bottle of wine frothing out onto the floor. At that point, I realized it was Dom Perignon, which I don't even know if I am spelling right. I didn't sleep with him afterwards or even kiss him, because we were both in relationships. He complained to my friend (the one I was with the other night and who introduced us) that I didn't sleep with him after he bought me a bottle of Dom. I found that abhorrent because I didn't ask for that, didn't expect it, but moreover, didn't owe him anything in return, especially not sex. My friend was STILL trying to make me feel guilty, five or so years later! I felt like this was different than the people watching I saw at the Office because she totally ignored her date, which is rude by itself but also was clearly breaking her date's heart because he had tried to plan a special rate for her. Or maybe he was a jerk who realized she wasn't going to sleep with him and was pouting. Who knows.

Any similar people watching or personal experiences?