Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So I was able to make this happen. I still have some guilt about it. But not that much because when things were getting warm and fuzzy in the break up process, we tried to have sex and it actually did not work. So. Point taken, universe. Point taken.


In poor decision-making news, post-terrible attempt at break up sex I met up with some friends and we drank too much. I am all about the break-up bender but my friend ended up texting my crush from my phone and. we meet up and.. fast forward to me and crush having sex all night. GREAT SEX. Hot, non stop, hours long sexy time. I really really needed that but now I am nervous about what I'm doing. He tried to hang out again tonight but I told him no. I am sort of regretting not seeing im but at the same time need my space. I told him this and he respects it.... but how do you maintain space with someone you want around all the time????????????? This is exactly how I get into relationships that later I regret. Damn you, MO. Damn you, adulthood.

Relatedly, it's amazing what one all-nighter sex spree can do for your anxiety. I feel so relaxed about all of this, even though my brain is all like Uhhh sour-plum you make terrible decisions possibly next time stop thinking via your vagina? Thanks.

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