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It's a bit of a long story, but TL;DR version is this: I posted a thing to Facebook last night about Israel and my opinions on Netanyahu. It ended up becoming a shit show between a hippie acquaintance of mine and two older family friends who are SUPER right wing. I deleted the thread, but not before my mother had seen it and read me a lecture about how I need to think before I speak and watch what I say on social media. Because other people turned it into a shit show. And also this is the same woman who lectured me that I get all "angry" (read: passionate) about the injustices of Ferguson but am too afraid to say anything about Israel. Except I just did and look what happened.

I took that lecture like a champ, but it's frustrating because my parents really do still think that I'm this naive little girl who doesn't think about stuff. In fact, I do think about what I post online, and I don't say anything that i wouldn't back up in person.

There's an increasing list of situations in which I'm realizing that my parents are just plain wrong. This was one of them. Depression is another; my parents just flat-out refuse to believe I suffer from it, so it's a big don't-ask-don't-tell elephant in the room. I'm in my mid-20's and I was raised a little sheltered, and I've deferred to my parents' advice for a lot of my life. But I'm in this process of now listening to some of their opinions and then rejecting them as unhelpful for my situation or just plain wrong, and it's super strange.


I'm sure other people have gone through this. How do you start to push back against your parents, when they're used to being Right, and then emerge with a healthy relationship? Because I can't keep sighing silently and nodding along—at some point I'm going to need to stand up to them and there will be a huge fight and we need to emerge out of it on good terms, because they're my parents and I still love them. Any advice?

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