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On relationship pet peeves

Or just outright rudeness. Or stories from dating a narcissist.

I was in a brief long distance relationship, so most our communication took place online. I often insisted on skype or any variation of it, because I like seeing the person I am dating. Our conversations on skype would often be him complaining about everything under the sun, or how great he is, and I'd advise him or offer sympathy. Then once he was done, I'd open my mouth to talk about my day and he cut me off and say "well I have to go because work, school, eating etc."

He'd insist on text. When we'd chat (text messenger), the conversation was longer and I'd often get to talk about myself. I was talking about something super important to me, and explaining how I'd need him to react when my PTSD flares up and other super important things. When he starts to talk about a tv show. Literally one that was airing at the same time. I was pissed, because he was watching TV, not paying attention to anything I said.


He didn't understand what the big deal was. Apparently whenever he talks to me he talks to at least 2 other people, and watches tv. I was being ridiculous for being angry, and he could scroll back to what I said. I explained that when I talk to someone, they have my full attention and I expected the same.

This relationship ended.

I know people do other stuff on their computer, but maybe lie about it.

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