Wonderful people of Groupthink, I ask you for advice via my sister. She has asked me to ask here. She has been looking for a job for the past year as someone who was unemployed. Finally she found one in another city she has never been to. It it still in Florida but a very, very different city nevertheless. She is two months in, and cries almost daily after work because she cannot stand the city/town/neighborhoods at all. She is in her mid-thirties and doesn’t have friends there. She has tried a few meet-ups but no luck really. She is also single so she really doesn’t have anyone. She says she won’t be able to stay much longer but knows she should at least give it a year. She is struggling with staying bc of the job and sacrificing her happiness or giving herself a deadline to find another job in a city she knows and then giving her notice. I’m very worried that she’s getting very depressed and forcing herself to even just get out of bed to go to work that is how miserable and sad she is about her location. To be fair, she has, like I said done some meetups. She’s tried church one Sunday. She is trying, but she still is just not herself and I hate hearing her so sad. All my family keeps saying is suck it up, keep going to meetups you’ll meet people, and she feels helpless bc she has and nothing.