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On Season 15 of SVU

TW: sexual assault, PTSD

Just wanted to share a wonderful article over on the Toast titled "The Truth is Embarrassing: Olivia Benson and the Timeline of Trauma". As someone who watches SVU and has never experienced anything close to what is depicted on the show, the article was really eye-opening to the survivor's experience with sexual assault. *Spoilers for the current season.

This season of SVU is a departure from its usual formulaic narrative because it acknowledges a difficult truth for a show quite literally founded on the validity of a "system of justice." It acknowledges that the forty-two minutes to closure I relied on to get me through is actually just fictional comfort, an escapist lie. When your life is upended by sexualized violence there is no external justice possible—only a slow, groping, desperate attempt to stay alive. It is a process governed only by the timelines and the strength of the victim herself.

It is the little steps, adding up.


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