I currently have subscriptions to Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime. I dont have cable so besides the news it is all I use to watch shows and TV. I share my login info for Netflix with my cousin and she uses it regularly. I share my Prime info with my uncle, my cousin (same cousin) and one other Friend. The original reasons behind giving out the info, for my cousin and friend, was because I wanted them to enjoy shows like American Horror Story and True Detective. They didn't ask for it, I offered. My uncle was thinking of singing up for Prime so I told him to login to my acct and try it out for a few weeks to see if it was something worth paying for. It is true that anyone using my Prime acct can only stream titles that are labeled Prime (obvi). No one has my pin to buy newer movies or anything not on prime. And I am the one who gets the free shipping on items I buy off amazon. These services cost me about $200 a year.

Cutting to the chase, is it bad form to ask for a donation when the bill is due? I would not ask for a specific amount but just say only they know how much they use it, tell them the total due and how many others are being asked for donations. Is this really tacky or fair?