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On Side Dishes...

I'm fiendish about fixin's. I'm delighted with dippin' sauces. But I'm FUCKING obsessed with side dishes.

Seriously, a steak's nice, chicken's great, seafood makes me drool, but it's always the mac n cheese, the mashed potatoes, and the corn on the cob with compound butter, parsley, and hot sauce that makes my knees weak.


Alas, I married a man who'd be happy with a chicken leg. While I insist that every pizza requires a salad, sandwiches are incomplete without a pickle and chips, and salad itself requires a small cup of soup, he just sighs.

We've had a 3 year long argument over pizza and salad. He's convinced it's a weird New England thing, or maybe a fact that my parents aren't American, or that I'm a teacher that needs pizzas to go a long way after school so need to include salads for the kids.


I'm convinced he's a heathen.

Today, we're having non-authentic taco night (it's our first time together; I usually tell him if he wants tacos we have to go to New Haven). And he started to make fun of me and what side dish I'd pull out.


Dude, it's rice. You serve tacos with rice! EVERYONE KNOWS THAT! Which brought us to an argument at Market Basket (ATD4EVA!). And, even though we're in New England, people got involved. Once we set up that these aren't small, actual tacos with just meat and cilantro and onions, and actually American Style tacos, 4/6 people agreed with me.

So, wise GTers:

1. Do tacos require a side dish?

2. Is this side dish rice?

3. Are beans a NEED or a WOULD BE NICE?

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