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Welcome To The Bitchery

On Slate's Redesign

The smart people can't be bothered so the dumbasses are taking over.

I read a couple of articles on Slate today and instead of the usual tepid agreement vs. vocal minority dissent, it's just idiots. Everywhere. One guy talking about how people should stop using the term 'anti-choice' because he supports people having choices in school (whatever that means), whether or not to pay for/receive Obamacare (I'm sure previously uninsured people are pissed about not going bankrupt if you have an accident) and so on... All the life choices! No. Pro-choice, anti-choice and pro-life are exclusive to abortion-related topics. Anti-life could be grouped in there but it's an empty phrase since no one but those who have killed themselves via suicide are anti-life.


My theory is that intelligent people know they're right and don't feel the need to wade through the terrible comments section redesign to wage e-war with the mouth breathers. Those Obummer hating idiots can't express their stupid beliefs anywhere else, so they make due with the redesign to spew their garbage. Which in turn pushes those intelligent readers away.

Conclusion: is this the beginning of the end for Slate? Will the community-based newsyish site close its comments so those of us with brain cells can read their click bait? Only time will tell.

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