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On smoking

I really really really really hate any articles about smoking. I get it, I probably smell bad and am gross and my teeth are going to turn yellow and I'm going to get cancer and give everyone else cancer. I know, I'm inconsiderate and I want to make you smell bad and throw my butts everywhere and blow smoke in your face and make you die of an asthma attack.

I've tried to quit, several times. The patch and gum work oh so well, considering I still smoke. It's not easy and I'll get there one day, but right now the only thing I can do for you is be as considerate of a smoker as possible, and I am. If I want to smoke, I find a space as far away from people as possible. I always make sure my butts are thrown away properly. I fully support smoking bans in restaurants, bars, stores, and near any entrances. If I want to smoke, I'm standing out in the rain. Oh well, my fault.

Just an FYI, quite a few addictive drugs work on the same dopamine reward pathways that make things like drinking when you're thirsty and eating when you're hungry feel pleasurable. It's. not. fucking. easy. I'm. sorry.


I was a teenager and I didn't fully grasp the concept of addiction and I had no fear of dying when I started smoking. I'm sorry to everyone it affects, and I'm sorry to myself because I suck at quitting.

**ETA: I changed the images because I didn't think about the gif being triggering. Sorry folks.

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