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On socratic self-knowledge and on what to do on bedrest - venting post

I made a deep discovery about myself this weekend. I saw inside myself and someone made me see something I had never even thought was a possibility.

No, literally, I had an echo and it turns out I only have one kidney. It was a big what-the-fuck moment in a "are you sure? check again" way. Now, it was piling on a top of piling worries because I was hospitalized for probable preeclampsia and we weren't sure about my health or the baby's. I'm ok now : I digested the single kidney (hey you single kidneys!) info, the baby is going swimmingly, litterally again, he's constantly moving, my results have gotten dramatically better at the hospital and I'm going to be on houserest for the rest of the pregnancy, wich is ok because we have decent labor laws in Quebec. Basically, it's an ideal outcome for this huge scare I had when they called me up to get me to the hospital immediately because of the bad results and inducing me at 27 weeks was a possibility and they couldn't get a real reading of my blood pressure because you just told me you were gonna induce me at 27 weeks of course I'm gonna have blood pressure through the roof. Anyhow, I should be ok, the baby should stay in there until the end if we monitor my body closely. The baby's in the 36th percentile, wich worries me a little, but doesn't seem to stress out the docs.


The only thing that is stressing me out right now is leaving my students in the middle of the semester. I emailed hr and my department head. Hr answered immediately with details on what I have to do but my department head will not answer and I know it was Thanksgiving on monday but we're wednesday, you guys. I need to know my kids are going to be taken care of, the writer I invited over for a conference is going to be well-received and paid. I need to know this is all handled.

Now, on the bedrest front, what are your books, series and movie suggestions, groupthink? Because I am gonna be bored off my ass for the next 2-3 months. Also, if you have stories of women with single kidneys having long lives, great pregnancies (like, 11, as much as they wanted, really) and smallish babies being perfectly fine, and preemies - because it's still possible if my results degenerate again - being perfectly okay and growing up to have perfect lungs and no learning problems, go right ahead by all means.

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