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On The Heels Of A List of Least-Favorite Christmas Songs

Let's list our favorites, or at least the most bearable ones! I'll go first:

All I Want For Christmas Is You- I was pretty meh over the song in my younger years. Now I have to stop everything once I hear it to jam out.


The Christmas Song- ONLY THE ONE SUNG BY NAT KING COLE! His voice is smooth like butter, and it's really the only song you need to hear in my humble opinion.

The Twelve Pains of Christmas- yeah, it's a parody song, but it is full of truth.

Christmas Wrapping- I flipped my shit as a little girl whenever I heard this song on the radio. Frankly, I still do since The Waitresses rule, and this song is underutilized.

All The Traditional Christmas Songs Sung By Josh Groban- I may be a dirty heathen, but I can't resist a smooth voice singing about Jesus.


Alright folks, it's your turn! Feel free to post videos since I can't.

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