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On the heels of last night's horror rec thread...

Who has good suggestions for a scary-as-possible horror movie on Netflix? Caveat: I am a somewhat crazy horror fan so I've seen the obvious stuff — break out your deep cuts. :)

Last night we rewatched Event Horizon (this is weird, because io9 just put up an article about it today, and when was the last time anyone EVER talked about that movie?) and realized it was basically Hellraiser in space. I am itching for a good ghost story, possibly with the devil, but I wouldn't turn down some decent space horror.


And yes, that is a sexy ghost. I googled "sexy ghost" to make you all giggle.

ETA: Thanks for all the super awesome recs, y'all! Keep going if you like — I'm going to keep my computer open while I start a-watchin'. Probably "Ghost Story" and "The Signal" for tonight, but "Pandorum," "30 Days of Night," and "The Haunting" are definitely slated for later this week when I can go make some rentals happen, and basically everything else named will be watched as soon as I can. Live every day like it's Halloween.

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