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On the Holocaust and Survivorship: Bringing a Mainpage Debate to GT

So over on this article by Anna about a tweet indicating Satanists are pro-choice, a pretty intense debate/discussion has evolved about an article she wrote for Tablet about her distrust of Holocaust survivors using an analogy about Breaking Bad and Walter White's battle for cancer.

It seems to me like Anna's general purpose was just to point out that being a survivor and doing bad things are not mutually exclusive but often viewed that way due to the psychological need to view oneself as a protagonist (and, I suppose, the need to project the same protagonist role on to others who have overcome great obstacles). It reminds me of Charles Ramsey, the man who helped rescue Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight from their captor in Detroit—he was hailed as a national hero and even when accounts of his history as a domestic abuser surfaced, they were quickly swept back under the rug.


That's what I read into her article, anyway. However (big however), I do think that the comparison of Holocaust victims/survivors and a fictional meth dealer on Breaking Bad is a trivializing and that the link between the two is tenuous at best. I'm not sure it's ever fair to link a real-life tragedy and fiction—particularly when there's little overlap.

However I admit that the accusations of Anti-Semitism (and another) on the main page led me to wonder what GTers think—I didn't see too many of us on these threads. I'm not Jewish, so I am admittedly not as sensitive to Anti-Semitism as I could be.

Some commenters on the main page also seem to indicate that their comments are being deleted (by Anna, I suppose) so I hope this post doesn't get me on the wrong side of The Powers That Be.


ETA: The on-topic discussion about the Satanist article is also not without polarized opinions, so I'm curious about GT's reaction to that as well—I personally think WhileFloure said it best.

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