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On the Hunt For a Food Bank

Crowdsourcing through Groupthink!

Good morning (or afternoon/evening depending on your location) gentle users of Groupthink! It's that time of the year again. Giving and charity to one's fellow man, good feeling to all, you know the drill.


Anyways, Thanksgiving is upon us in the upcoming weeks. I'm am in charge of my office food drive. I've come to solicit suggestions for a worthy donation site! I work in Gonzales, TX. It's a small town in central/south Texas. According to Feeding America, the closest donation site is in Victoria, TX, which is over an hour away. I'd like to keep our donations local if possible. There are two places listed in Google, GCAM and God's Storehouse, which seem like that might be something that they do, but there's zero information listed. I've also personally been to GCAM to donate some house wares, and I've never seen anyone on site, for food or otherwise.

I know most of you don't live anywhere near here, but through our combined powers of research, I was hoping we could find a local place needing some attention! If it's not in Gonzales county, then perhaps somewhere within the surrounding counties. I know San Antonio is always available as an option, but larger cities tend to get more donations right off the bat. Thanks for the help everyone!

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