What is the best pie you've ever eaten?

As we all know, HamNo's pie rankings were the woooorst (insert Jean-Ralphio .gif here) (seriously, do that, because Kinja is against me at this point in our relationship). Everybody has their favorite pie, unless they're a pie hating alien who doesn't understand humanity.

But I'm not asking for your favorite pie, unless it corrosponds. I'm asking you what the best pie you've ever put into your pie hole is. Whether it's a favorite spot of yours that serves an excellent pie, or your mom's the best cook ever so she makes amazing pies, whatever.

My answer is sure to be controversial, but here it is.

Coconut Cream Pie (origins unknown):

We get a lot of sweets brought to my office, just the nature of the job. One day, a man whom I will be referring to as Jesus, brought in Coconut Cream and Reece's Peanut Butter Pie. I tried both, because I'm not an idiot. The Coconut Cream Pie was hands-down the most amazing, mind-altering, perfectly delicious thing I've ever eaten (pie wise). The crust = perfect. The filling = perfect. The mile high merengue (which I'm typically not very fond of) = perfect. This was thing made perfection. The angels began to sing and a light came down from heaven, and lo, it was good.


Now, I'm not normally a Coconut Creme pie eater. Pie isn't even my favorite dessert, delicious though it is (Cuatro Leches cake holds that high honor, from http://www.buenosairescafe.com/este/menu.html if you're interested). But I can say in full confidence, that this is the best pie I've ever eaten. I still hunt for it to this day. It is my Moby Dick (of delicious pie).

Please excuse my overuse of parentheses.