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On the Tinder fiasco, and on Hobby Lobby and online harassment/sexism

Kat Stoeffel says this about tinder :

So Tinder was founded by a guy who both thinks women devalue his company and sex devalues women. He built a space where these women can act like men and he can disrespect them for it. As far as hookups go, I think women can do better.


Businessweek did an insider look on Tinder and they aren't too shocked to hear about the lawsuit, and don't have many nice things to say about the company or the culture.

Jill Filipovic writes in Cosmo about the Hobby Lobby decision, and online harassment experienced by women covering it, or about sexist/misogynistic tweets directed at women in light of the verdict. Which, if you've been following it on twitter, shouldn't surprise you.


And in other news, there are no legal ramifications for cyber-bullying in New York now.

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