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Uggghhh you guys.


I know that my hair looks better when I do "no shampoo," or at least prolong time between washings. So why — WHY — do I always go back to good ol' trusty drug store shampoo and conditioner? It dries out my hair, makes it itchy, makes it greasy, then I start washing every day and then I have like 10 half-used bottles of product when I finally give up and try to switch back.


And then I feel guilty that I've wasted all this money on hair products and I figure, "Oh, I'll just finish them off first," but that's like 2 years worth of stuff — at least!

Every time I look at pictures of people who've stopped using their products, or at least have stopped using them as often, I'm instantly jealous.


Is anyone here low/no-poo? Anyone wanting to try it? Anyone who thinks it's bogus?

Hair post?

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