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A Rant.

1. First of all and I don’t know how much more I can emphasize this. *Bangs shoe on table* BRIAN KEMP STOLE AN ELECTION! HE STOLE IT! Pretty much everyone down here acknowledges this. He passed voter suppression. He was in charge to regulating and investigating himself. He made sure that places with high concentrations of black people, where thousands would be voting only had four machines per polling station. Contrast that with where I live ( a white neighborhood) had 15. Passed laws that essentially made it illegal to give friends or old people rides to the polls. And when this wasn’t enough had a last ditch option of simply hacking the machines and changing the votes after the fact, a problem that The Daily Show, Samantha Bee and John Oliver have all done segments on. It would not have mattered if we broke into every red household waterboarded them and threatened to kill their first born, he still would have switched the votes. So short of burning the state down what would you have liked, regular ass people to do, because this shit is still caught up in the courts even as I type this.

2. White women wrote that bill, so next.

3. Be real. you never valued us anyway. Seriously, you all don’t like us, and I’m not talking about white people, because fuck white people. Black and Brown people make up the majority of people who live here, who drive culture here and you’ve never liked us ever. Y’all always get deep in your classism and respectability policies when it comes to black and brown people here. Cause y’all still have de facto segregation in housing and schools and shoot black kids on sight up north, but you would BUCK, if beyonce was like I am never playing another show in Chicago or SF or where ever due to the high number of unarmed black people your police dept kills.


4. All you are doing is punishing black and brown people, who have built and sustained small businesses and productions houses. When they leave, like all things, white people will be fine, and black and brown people will bear the brunt of the fallout. Because we are the last to get anything and first to get things taken away. So I hope you are happy.

5. All you are doing is silencing the black and brown voices that were being developed here, but then again see number three. 85% of all arts funding here in GA goes to the Woodruff arts center. A quick google will show you that, thats all theatre and it’s pretty much all white. With the studios came a HUGE investment from the state in developing artists from and based here. With a bit more time, you would have seen us building our own writers rooms and developing our own competitive content. When you go to these different writers workshops, cinematography workshops, production classes. You know whose in these rooms? Black people. Black women. Black women over 45, 50, and 60. Black LGBTQIA people. Disabled Black people. Black Trans women.

6. LA is horrible and I don’t want to live there. 6a. There is no water there. 6b. the people suck. 6c. too many white people. 6d. It never rains (see 6a)

Ok I’m done.

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