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On "turning 30"

So, I was just scrolling through my Facebook, and I came across this link, entitled "Turning 30: Described in Charts and Graphs". I scrolled through them, and some of them are nice (the one about how many fucks you give, in particular), but most of them are the typical "Haha, you get SO LAME and BORING when you're older!". As I've actually gotten older, this narrative has become more and more perplexing to me.

Literally every single person I know is so much happier with themselves in their 30s than they were in their 20s. That's not to paint some kind of sunshine and kittens version of your 30s...I'm not saying everyone's life is better now than it was when they were younger. But I don't know a soul who has ever said "Oh, I wish I could go back to being 21 again." So I find it really baffling that we continue to push this scare-tactic narrative that you'd better have all your fun in your 20s, because once you hit 30 you're a big ol' DRAG! I'm single and childfree, so I continue to do the vast majority of the things I did at 21, only I have a lot more money now and am not a terrible human (which is not to say that all young people are terrible, but if we're honest, a lot of us are). Sure, your priorities change, but your priorities will change at many points throughout your life. Why is 20s to 30s society's spooky bedtime story?


I'm 33 and it's not without its drawbacks (thanks, tendons and ligaments, for suddenly being made of tissue paper), but you couldn't pay me all the money in the world to go back to being 21. Can we please dispense with this narrative so that people can stop being afraid of getting older?

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