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Welcome To The Bitchery

who hasn't really asked you out.

I need help in fashioning a message to someone who I'm 90% sure is trying to ask me out, but he hasn't reallyyy come out and said it. We went to college together, and ran into each other on the subway one day. We exchanged some.... extremely-mildly-flirtatious facebook messages over the course of a month in early fall, while I was seeing my current boyfriend but not 'official' - I told now bf I wanted to consider dating other people but never really did.

Well, now boyfriend and I are definitely not seeing other people. The message this other guy sent me is something like, Hey, I want to bring you something, when are you free?


???? Again, we haven't messaged in a couple months. I'm not sure how to phrase my response to him but I really don't want to open this door right now. He's so, so, so nice and I feel like it may have taken him 2 months to get the nerve to send me this message.


also vacation is in 10 minutes, wooh!

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