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On wealth, taste, and class in interior design

I’m coming at this from an idly curious perspective. We all have our own tastes, and they often clash with the tastes of other people, and I try really, really hard to think “not my style but they obviously like it”. I know the things I enjoy will be seen as filthy junk by a lot of people.

Having said that, there are tendencies you can see within groups of people. I could probably look at a home and guess whether students live there, or young professionals, or aristocrats. Bear in mind I’m talking about the UK here, so I’m just comparing to what I find familiar.

I’m moving house soon and have been looking up interesting ideas for my new tiny bedroom. I watched these videos like this


NB - she has some odd ideas about how to grow ivy but ok.

So firstly, I decorate according to what I need, what is available, and what I like. The concept of decorating to look like something I’m not is so completely bizarre to me. Is it actually a “thing” out in the world?


Secondly, from my perspective, she is mashing together and mixing up wealth and class.

Some of her stuff is very “WAG” (“wives and girlfriends”, usually referring to footballers’ wives, very expensive modern luxury and often seen as very tacky / poor taste):


some is trying to be posh (expensive, traditional, antique, “outdated”)...


and that got me wondering whether that distinction is actually oddly British?

Thirdly, I find it odd to focus on “here are things to buy” rather than “here is how to assemble / decorate the space to give this impression”. For example, using mirrors to make a space seem bigger, because space is at a premium. But I guess that’s what the specific video is for so ehhhh. But that plastic bust aint fooling anybody. Nor is a mini urn with a moss ball in it? The Himalayan salt candle bought from that stall in the shopping mall? That doesn’t scream wealth or class. They do look pretty cool lit up though.


Fourthly, that’s not tweed, that’s houndstooth. Sheesh.

Fifthly, the way she uses “big estate” is so confusing for me.

Tell me of your interior design, GT. Do you decorate for yourself? For fashion? To give a good impression?


More importantly, what can I do in a teeny bedroom? :D

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