So my family is coming tomorrow, and I have been having extreme anxiety and mini panic attacks about impending appearance judgements from them. Over the last year, my bf and I made a huge move, where we both began working for new companies. During that year, we both gained a considerable amount of weight due to stress, and really not doing much but enjoying our new place by eating out a lot, and not really working out. We have a goal of next year starting to get in shape, etc. and it HAS been a fun year, but I just know that's going to be a huge topic of discussion from both my parents unfortunately. My mom is especially appearance-conscious, and always attributes it to some horrible underlying medical condition because she's stick thin naturally, so of course, I should be also in her eyes. Her concern always washes over to my dad, who really doesn't care but will make a comment here and there in a really seriously concerned voice as he did last time like, "yeah, I have noticed you've put on some weight. You need to start doing something about that." And as someone who suffered from anorexia at 17, this is especially hard for me because I'm already extremely self conscious and am having self-bashing thoughts as it is from it. I am already not comfortable with it but have learned to be more at peace with myself now than before, so I really just want to enjoy them being here without their horrified stares and quiet judgements, hell, probably even loud ones. I can already predict her diagnosing it as my thyroid or this or that, and I just can't with that shit because one comment can ruin my entire time with them. So please send any gifs or advice on how to deal with this. You guys are always so awesome with this kind of thing.