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On Whiteness and Intersectionality

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Here's a thing:

A Black feminist named Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw came up with the term intersectionality to talk about how race and gender intersect for women of color. It was never intended for white women to use to describe our own feminism or an allegiance with woc—or, worse yet, intersecting oppressions for white people. -The Rogue Feminist


Thoughts? I personally, tend to agree, but I agree with the following too:

"Honestly, at times it can feel like appropriation. White feminists have taken a word created by a Black woman to describe a concept that was (and still is) sorely missing in mainstream feminism and turned it into a buzzword. I see white feminists throwing around the word intersectionality all the time to gain brownie points but when it comes to putting that into practice, they have no idea what to do. It is amazingly frustrating to see that happen over and over again. I have no problem with white feminists using the word as long as they give credit where it's due and don't act like they invented it, and when it comes time to actually put it into practice they actually put in the work." -Gradient Lair


I think, if I have to choose, I want to side with Trudy on this, but the erasure aspects of white feminism (heh) tossing intersectionality around like a buzzword does bug me sometimes.

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