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Welcome To The Bitchery

I don't normally get emotional during debates, and I view everything as a debate. Someone doesn't like my favorite book? I want to know their reasons why, and am excited to listen. After all, they're not attacking me...they're attacking the book.

Someone thinks that one thing I've been doing is dangerous and bad? I want to know why, and am unemotional while listening.

I compartmentalize everything.

But as a result, I learn everything. My opinions are firm, because I do so much research on them and listen to everyone (even when I disagree with them).


Unfortunately, this is getting dangerously close to costing me a friendship.

One of my friends came to me at the start of this semester because he'd been given a class to teach, but didn't know how. Not only am I a former teacher, but the majority of my friends are Ph.D candidates or post-docs in this field and have been teaching it for years. The first thing I did was build my friend's confidence a little and told him that some of his instincts were right.

Then I gave him resources, which he has rejected without any reasons. He simply says that he's going to do it his way. When I ask what his way is based on it comes down to 'gut feeling' but he can't explain why.

He not only rejects the resources, he gets weirdly emotional...and I don't get it. I can't understand getting emotional because resources and evidence disagree with your gut feeling. If that happened to me....I would examine my own internal premises and systematically reject them.


I suggest a zero gravity simulator for labs....and he even rejected that. When I asked why, he said he preferred hands on labs. When I asked how he planned to replicate a zero g environment with no budgeted money for equipments and he immediately got pissed off. Like...screaming level pissed off.

I do not get it.

And it's driving me insane.

And I do no know how to handle this like a not-insane person. Because every time he does this I just want to look at him and be like "why do you hate information?"



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