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The job I do is confusing, bizarre, and generally helter-skelter. Two days a week, I am in our office an hour from my home. Three days a week, I am either on the road making sales calls, or working from my home office on "needed to be done yesterday (but we didn't tell you that)" projects. Most of the time, I feel like I"m herding cats. That said, this is the first position I've had that has allowed me this freedom, and I appreciate it. However insane my bosses may be, I am more or less given the ability to focus on what I need to when I want. Now that I've passed the year mark in this position, I am ever-more confident that working at home is the way forward.

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That said, I've found that others in my life do not respect my job or my hours. In part, I think folks believe the booze business is nothing but fun and games (and not long hours of hauling heavy samples, taking shit from customers, and trying to gently communicate to said bosses that no one wants their products while remaining employed). I get that misconception; it's easy to assume that a luxury industry like wine would translate into a fun and glamorous job. That, I can write off to a degree. It's the other days that seem to miss the mark fully.


Do other folks who work from home experience this? I have tried - multiple times and many ways - to explain to particular individuals in my life that working from home is still working. Regardless of the fact that it's 9:45 and I'm still in my workout clothes and just ate cottage cheese out of the container while chatting with the pets, I am, technically, on the clock. Sure, I probably shouldn't be commenting on GT, but I can make up this time later, at 9:45 tonight, if I choose/need to. But the majority the time I spend working from home is done during normal business hours, because not everyone has the luxury of midnight strokes of inspiration and have to punch a fucking clock.

So, yes, I am fully within my rights to ignore your text, your phone call, or the door when you show up at my fucking house in the middle of the day because you know I'm home. I AM AT WORK. Would you show up to anyone else's job, unannounced, in the middle of the workday? Would you show up at a tradeshow just to shoot the shit with your friend, the event participant? No? Well, when I'm doing in-store wine-tastings, THAT IS MY TRADESHOW. I appreciate your support, but you can't just hang out and drink while I work. It's not good for my customer, it's not good for my sales, and it's really fucking annoying.

You don't get to sulk and bitch at me during family functions because I "don't make time" for my nephews. I make as much time as I can, but if you want me to babysit in the middle of a Wednesday because you want a mani/pedi, I seriously cannot help you, regardless of how much I love your boys. I have a job I need to do. You don't get to play the pity card because you lost your license and have a sudden hankering for Dunkin Donuts and I'm home and "it will only take 20 minutes."


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