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Once more into the fray...

If you've been following the shit crazy shenanigans of HB 695, the bill that would shut down all but one of the abortion clinics in North Carolina (see my previous rage fest here), then you know that the House could vote on this atom bomb of a bill as early as this afternoon. I'll be staked out at the legislative building all afternoon blogging out updates as quickly as I can. There's also live audio available here.

For now, HB 695 is not on the House's calendar that they released today. However, anyone who has been paying attention knows that this means exactly nothing, as it wasn't listed on the schedule last week either when the Senate sneakily introduced it in the middle of the night. NC Legislature - shady ass motherfuckers. Updates to come!


Oh! And just in time for my nervous breakdown - an article about the blazingly fast speed at which North Carolina is hurtling itself backward. Fantastic.

UPDATE: They have now introduced SB 353, now being referred to as the motorcycle vagina bill! This bill would penalize motorcyclists who damage property...and also restricts women's access to safe, legal abortion. WTF?!

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