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Once popular now it appears forgotten musicals

Up through the 80s local theater companies did these three shows.

Hello Dolly, great fun musical. Yet no one has done it in decades. This is original cast. My understand and I could be wrong. It was filmed without sound then layered the cast album on top. Carol Channing was original Dolly.

Oliver, seriously not even young folks groups. This was always performed in 70s and 80s then poof no showing since the 80s.. Here is the original Broadway cast with a very young Davy Jones singing I’ll Do Anything.

Finally Godspell for years this competed somewhat with Jesus Christ Superstar then 80s hit this musical went poof.A scene with original cast. Peggy Gordon sings By My Side.

I understand Godspell being nearly forgotten since everything about it screams 70 and rather lacking iin adaptability JCS has. JCS could be put in a dystopian world, the past etc. Godspell not so much.


Not sure why Oliver isn’t popular with Young Folks Companies around the states. Seriously made for these companies. Ok is depressing. Yet fantastic score and some of the best characters in one musical. Well at least end of novel is excluded from musical. If you read novel you will get what I refer to.

Hello Dolly is a fun light hearted musical. Good score too. Seriously this should always have remained a standard go to musical. Yet forgotten it seems.


What other once popular musical seems forgotten.

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