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Welcome To The Bitchery

(Note, I am unemployed as I just got laid off in late August, rather suddenly, but my field is very active right now).
I left interview with Firm A almost two weeks ago with an understanding that I would have an offer letter within 3 business days. Two days later, Firm B, with whom I’d had a nice phone interview with about a week and half prior, emailed me with a request to come in to interview. Sure, I hadn’t received a letter yet, and I’m unemployed, so...I go to the interview and get offered the job with a start of following Monday (tomorrow) and a salary slightly above my requested range. Hourly contract, ok, but with all of the regular employees benefits.
I tell Firm B that I am expecting another offer but haven’t received yet and can I have a few days. When I contact Firm A, they tell me my offer letter will be coming in another week and that they are ‘reviewing several candidates and making their decisions after Monday.’ I tell them thank you but I do have another offer. In the meantime, Firm B owner, (who I have not met yet) has been super accomadating and NICE. So nice that I want to just tell her that ‘yes, I will take your offer’. But I’ve never been in the situation where I have 2 offers (well, 1.5) and having to make a desicison.

So, that is how I ended up agreeing to go to Firm B’s Monday Morning 8 AM Workload meeting. Guys - I’ve been sleeping in till 830! and I’m such a night owl! So bad. However, I am looking forward to the challenge of being in a new office and out of my past month’s lazy ass routine.


All things being equal (besides the $which I don’t know yet), I wanted to go work for Firm A(bigger office, work over the region) to Firm B ( 10 people, local work only) but now I can’t decide. Not easy.

tl; dr: i have one offer firm and another one pending (I hope) and I can’t decide and making myself be patient is agonizing! I have’t decided yet but going to check out ‘second interview’ one of the firms tomorrow.

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