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So the FBI report on the investigation of Kavanaugh will be available late tonight.

They will make ONE COPY —held in a secure location available for ALL Senators. They are working on a plan for each party to have access one hour at a time taking turns starting at 8 am tomorrow.


No Senators staff will have access, only 10—I’m assuming majority—-Judicial Committee staff will see the report.

Here’s hoping the Democrats are organizing each hour to take as many pictures of as many pages as possible and I hope one of them reads it out loud on the Senate floor.

Even Republicans are saying publicly that it should be made public. Will they change their vote—probably not.


Merkley also got some sort of stay from the court on his suit about them not releasing enough of Kavanaugh’s documents to allow him to perform his job of oversight. Not sure if that’s too late or if the turtle got his procedural thing passed to allow them to vote tomorrow.


ETA: The turtle is now saying they get the report TONIGHT—so I’m not sure if Chuck and Diane have to start reading now or what.

ETA: Here’s what.

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