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One-Day-Only 30% Off Sale at J.Crew

If anyone is looking to snag some new duds for fall, you might want to check out J.Crew. I just did a major splurge and bought a new pair of jeans, a new sweater, some new shoes, and a bracelet. So excited, because I haven't done any shopping like this in a long time and I'm treating myself for all of the hard work I've been doing for the past month-and-a-half on the new house and moving us out of the old house. I basically did everything, which hasn't led to any resentment at all toward my husband on my part. /sarcasm Hehe, at least the worst is over (and by worst I mean me cursing Satan trying to get his goddamn sound-proofing stuff off of the wall and refinishing it for 3 days) and we are now totally in the new house! YAY!!

Anyway, check out what I ordered - I just realized that everything I got would actually be a pretty cute outfit, unintentional but sweet! Now go out and treat yourself as well! It's labor day, which means two things - shopping and treating/celebrating yourself for all of the hard work you do, no matter what type of work.


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