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One last Serial related post

This is part me losing my mind, and part request. I promise I'll shut up about this topic after this post. TW: more murder stuff.


This has been bugging me for a while but I'm having a hard time articulating why it's striking such familiar notes for me. Does anyone else here know about the Kaitlyn Arquette murder case? Kaitlyn Arquette was the teenage daughter of novelist Lois Duncan. I was a big fan of Lois Duncan's thriller/horror books as a teenager, so it was actually quite shocking as an adult to read about the true life story of how her daughter was killed in a supposed random drive by.

Hae and Kaitlyn seemed to have a lot of personality in common. Bright, lively, free spirited, and charming. Both were killed at the same age while driving on their way to meet someone. There's something spooky about how their murders line up, but I can't tell if I'm willfully linking them together or if there's something to be gained from Kaitlyn's murder that would make sense in Hae's.

Unlike Hae's murder, no one was charged in Kaitlyn's murder case. But much like the investigation Sarah put forth for Serial, Lois Duncan dug deeper into the potential suspects in her daughter's murder and wrote two books about it. Her investigation has been going on for decades in comparison to Sarah's year and a half; but she has uncovered a lot of stuff that's been in the back of my mind ever since I started listening to Serial. In Kaitlyn's case there is stuff about racial profiling (her soon to be ex boyfriend was Vietnamese), police corruption, witness intimidation... it sounds miles more complicated than the case for Hae's murder. But is it? Could there be more to how or why Hae was killed?


Am I being paranoid and just stringing the horrific murders of two teenage girls a decade apart together because of those very surface coincidences? Is it because the narrative in both stories involve white ladies talking about crimes committed by POC? Can someone please read Kaitlyn's page and help me figure out why these two stories sound so similar in my mind? Maybe I just need to step away from reading/listening to true crime for a while.

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