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One Last Thought Before I Go To Sleep

And I'll respond to everyone's comments on my previous post in the morning. I kind of dozed off on the couch for a bit and I'm about to head into bed.

On Christmas Eve, I discovered that my sister and Consort both got me the same gift - a Nintendo DS. Upon this realization, I felt horrible because I'd have to basically reject a gift from either my boyfriend or my sister. I started feeling guilty and sad and was worried about hurting either of them. Through my rambles of which DS to choose, my mom said something so specific and so general and so perfect.

Mom: You have to do what's right for you and stop worrying about everyone else's feelings.

Me: You know I'm not good at that.

Mom: I know. But it's time you get good at it. You have to make yourself happy and not let others' feelings get in the way of your decisions. Not to mention your sister is way scarier than Consort, so I'd keep her gift.


Yeah, I suppose it is time that I get good at it.

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