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In my continuing campaign to bring you all the important decisions of my life, I come to you for an opinion. I have a new manager and a new team, and one of the icebreakers for our next team meeting is to send a picture/meme to our manager, and then she is going to send them out to the team and we all have to guess whom the meme represents. So like, how well do you know your coworkers sort of thing. It’s a team of data nerds, so it totally is something this department does on the regular.

I created a bunch of memes last week, but I’m having trouble picking one that really screams “sarcastic bitch who spends too much time watching TV.” Really, I just want the funniest one I think. So America (and other countries), THE TIME TO VOTE IS NOW!

1. Classic, and very on-brand for me:


2. My spirit animals, who were really the pre-MST3K robots making fun of stuff, now that I think about it:

3. I love this one, but I stole the line from a notepad my sister got me for Christmas so I feel like a plagiarizer:


4 and 5. These two are not in the serious running, but I went down a Muppet rabbit hole and made these anyway. If either would be back in the running, it’s Beaker.


6. Alternate on #3- would be the winner if the drawing was in color:



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