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One more for Team Dog

Guide Dog in Training Saves Woman from Choking

A guide dog trainee named Nell moved to the head of the class when she saved the life of the women who's been caring for her during training.

According to the UK's Daily Mail, the 17-month-old pup is living with Lesley Hailwood while she goes through guide dog training at a nearby guide dog center.

One evening, Hailwood put a piece of chocolate in her mouth, which immediately became stuck in her windpipe. "And it didn't seem to matter what I did, I couldn't get rid of it. I was choking."

Soon, Nell noticed the panicked Hailwood in distress. The dog ran over to Hailwood, jumped up on the sofa, got on her hind legs and lurched at Hailwood with her front paws. The dog hit Hailwood in the chest, dislodging the piece of chocolate.

Hailwood was amazed. "I wonder how she knew to do that," she told the Daily Mail. "It was instantaneous, she didn't panic or anything."

While the German Shepherd and Golden Retriever mix is trained to interact physically with the people she's to help, she hasn't been specifically trained to assist humans who are choking. But somehow she knew what to do, proving her affinity for guide dog work.

Nell is almost finished with her guide dog training, which lasts 17-20 months. Soon, she'll leave the care of Hailwood and be placed in a new home. "I wish I could keep her," Hailwood tells the Daily Mail. "That won't happen – she has to do the job she's trained to do. But because of what she's done she'll always be a bit special for me," she adds.

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My cats would have just looked pissed because I woke them up with my choking and possibly dying.

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