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Also, I have good news regarding Sophie’s attack. Generally Animal Control here doesn’t get involved when dogs attack other dogs. But because the attack happened at the city dog park, it’s considered a municipal matter.


I filed a full report, including my statement, witness information, and pictures and veterinary documentation of Sophie’s injuries. The next time I saw the unbelievable fucking asshole whose dog attacked Sophie, I called the non-emergency police hotline, and they said they’d send someone out to get her information. They didn’t get there before she left, but I got a clear shot of her license plate, so the police filed an incident report, ran the plate, and forwarded the info to Animal Control.

I talked to the Animal Control officer yesterday — they haven’t contacted her yet, because they’re trying to put together a full report. Apparently several other people have reported their dogs being attacked by an aggressive corgi, though thankfully none of those involved injuries anywhere near as severe. And the owner lives in a neighboring city, and they believe she comes to this dog park because she’s been banned from the one in her home city.

Once they have everything together, they’re going to confront her, ban her from the park, and look into getting the dog declared dangerous. I hope the dog doesn’t end up getting put down because of its owner’s gross irresponsibility — if she kept it on a leash and away from other dogs, there wouldn’t be a problem — but honestly that’s a better option than what’s happening now, because it’s going to kill another dog if it keeps coming to the park. If a matter of when, not if.

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