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One More Iowa Update

Mr. Waffle is calling Iowa back today.

While I was at work yesterday he came to visit and brought me a mocha. We talked, and he said he was going to accept the job offer. I was okay with it, but I did express that I wasn't looking forward to sleeping alone or going through the whole move and job change thing, but I was happy if he was happy.


This morning he said he wasn't going to accept it. He feels like he's leaving school too soon, and I suspect he doesn't want to go for it, despite the trial period, because he doesn't want to do it without me there.

Call us co-dependent, it wouldn't be a lie, but we do mesh well and are not great without one another. I just want him to be happy with his decision.

Now the fun part: ME. I have a tooth that needs implanting, I have a gym that needs visiting, I have projects that need doing, and since we're not actually leaving Minnesota for the foreseeable future, we're going house-hunting. I want a house with a room I can paint mango orange, I want at least one dog, and I want a sense of permanence and a place that really is my own.


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