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One of my best friends had twins a few days ago

and I didn't even know she was pregnant.

I was at a friend's house catching up and when I went to leave she said "Oh, I saw your friend from [town] on facebook just had twins!" I said, "No, it was probably someone else's kids she was holding!" and she told me that the picture was of her in the hospital holding them. I realized that I haven't talked to her since February, and had my friend show me her facebook. I deleted my facebook a couple weeks ago, see, so there's no way I would have had any way to know this. So she showed me and there she was. In the hospital right after giving birth! I was friends with her and her husband, as well as her sister and her mother on facebook, but not so much as a peep about a pregnancy. NOTHING.

We have been friends for 26 years, since we were 9 years old. I was in her wedding. She was supposed to go to Mexico for my wedding 4 years ago, but was pregnant with her first child and the pregnancy was a little risky and she didn't want to risk something happening out of the country. I thought things were ok after this, but I feel like this is where things started falling apart. I have never met her child who is almost 4. She has been to my town several times without even letting me know so I could come say hi. I found out later on facebook. I was in her town in February and we were supposed to get lunch. She backed out last minute saying she was sick. I'm now pretty sure that's bullshit.


I am so shocked. Do I just write her off? I mean, I know our lives are completely different from each other's but honestly? That different? 26 years of friendship down the drain different?

Also? Fuck Facebook.

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