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I am kind of sort of a very rigid-thinking person. I know it is irritating to people when I can’t be flexible but there you have it. I am uptight.

I am a rule follower. A big part of my job is enforcing institutional policies and rules. I enjoy rules because they give me something to look at and say, “ok this is how it is. This is how this works.” It’s clear-cut and orderly. I like order.

I am also a fan of experts. I like to listen to experts about things because they know what they’re talking about and can tell everyone else how it should be. I don’t really trust people who don’t like experts because why would you think you know better than someone whose job it is to know these things?


My mother’s constant refrain to me is “Be flexible!” Dude I am trying! I know it’s frustrating for people to deal with me in this regard. But once a rule is in place or once I’ve made up my mind about something then that’s it. If I think you are doing it wrong, you are doing it wrong.

Obviously I was well-liked as a child.

Tell me something obnoxious about you and make me feel better about my weirdness.

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