So yesterday we were told that today there would be a brief, optional staff meeting at 8:30 AM this morning.

Now I just didn't fall off the turnip truck. I know what optional staff meetings at that time of the morning mean, especially at this time of the year, and especially the morning after the Board of Trustees is meeting. Somebody on the Admin team is being transferred or promoted.

So I go in this morning, go to the meeting, and low and behold, one of our useless VP's is going to another school, come Sept. And it's the one who completely mishandled behaviour kid. So hooray. Would be better if they were both going, but it's a start.

We were also told the name of the new VP coming in. The Librarian has worked with her before, and says she is awesome. So it's a glimmer of hope that next year will go better than this year.