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One of the guys...and one of the girls...

So I just came home from a house warming party for one of the guys I work with. It was really nice. The way our shows are structured, we don't see very much of each other while we're working so it's nice to get together and hang out. The guys are all really cool and really good at what they do. They're not misogynists and it's not like they get together and prattle on endlessly about "guy" subjects, that no lady would be interested in talking about...but they are all guys.

I'm literally the only female solo show where I work. I'm not relegated to second class citizen status in anyway. We all earned our place here, we travel in the same circles, we know the same people, we speak the same language, you know? I'm not excluded, for all intents and purposes, I'm really one of the guys—-except for the part where I'm not a guy.


So, I often find myself split at parties. Not just this party in particular, but at a lot of events surrounding my profession, most of the women who are around are wives, or girlfriends (and the other female performers who are there, are usually in duo acts with their husband or boyfriend). For most of the night, tonight, the men and women were pretty integrated, but a lot of times, people split off in to groups of men and groups of women, and while I enjoy talking shop with the guys, I also find myself spending a lot of time with wives/girlfriends, even though I'm not anybody's wife or girlfriend.

I'm dancing around the heart of what I'm trying to post, because I'm not exactly sure what that is and I'm too tired/full of wine to really work it out. I'm definitely not trying to say that I feel treated unfairly or excluded and this isn't a post about how it's sad that there aren't more women doing what I do (that is it's own subject).

I think I just wanted to put this out there to see if anyone else has similar experiences of being a professional in a social situation, where the men are your peers and the women are their wives.


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