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One of the largest Canadian private rescue efforts is ongoing in Fort McMurray

I can’t call it positive news due to the reasons for it, but hundreds of Canadians have been driving to and from Fort McMurray to help the residents.

In some Fort McMurray neighbourhoods on Tuesday, residents had been given as little as two minutes to clear out. With homes sometimes catching fire in the rearview mirror, residents were told simply to drive as far away as they could before they ran out of gas.

The result was highway shoulders packed with stranded families, subsisting off whatever food and water they had been able to carry out in the rush.

By Wednesday morning, Northern Alberta was seeing one of the largest spontaneous private rescue efforts in recent Canadian memory. All along the road between Edmonton and Fort McMurray came reports of good Samaritans providing fuel, food, water and blankets to stranded carloads of residents and pets.


Reminder: The Red Cross has set up an emergency Alberta Firesappeal. You can also text REDCROSS to 30333 to make a $5 donation, or you can donate $10 dollars when you text the word FIRES to 45678.

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