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So this morning I shared this image on Facebook:

and Mr. Ivriniel decided to post his answers. (As far as question 2 goes, we're Canadian, so he had no clue what the Common Core means.)

1. The Kardasians


2. Science, since in North America, we need more technical skills

3. None of your concern. (Conservative)
4. Use the kid to mop it up. (Kidding : "Call a Custodian")
5. How many do you need?
6. Cannelloni
7. Yes, but you are asking about my personal life.
8. OK. Married, and I am a peacekeeper. (Interviewer doesn't NEED to know that I mean "Peacekeeper" in the Farscape sense)
9. Ask the parent if it is OK to talk to the child about it.
10. Blue. I like Blue.
11. Gasoline and perhaps support the Food Bank.
12. Transmission. I transfer power from the engine to the working parts.
13. Fish! It is brain-food!
14. Torture is inethical. No.
15. You cannot. All children come from different backgrounds, so it is impossible to make them equal. (I also don't believe in eqality)
16. The tin-man. Who doesn't want to be covered in armour?

17. Did you just ask if I were transgender?

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