Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So while I was going through downtown tonight I stopped at the shelter I used to stay at to chat with some old friends who are still there. I generally don't sit and chat for too long, as it's not the best environment for a recovering addict, but for whatever reason I did tonight. One older man in a wheelchair there I knew who looks eerily like Mickey Rourke, posed a question that shattered all self esteem I had left. He just out of the blue piped up and asked "are you pregnant?!". Um. No. I'm not. Apparently I'm just fat. To make things even worse, it was fucking nighttime, outside the shelter where is nearly pitch god damn black. It's not like he even had the proper lighting to assess my pregnant-ness.

OKAY, so I've gained a little weight since he saw me regularly last summer, but um hello, I was also a total junkie at the time, and weighed next to nothing anyways, and he knows the side effects of methadone because he's fucking on it too. Ugh. Apparently I'm fat. Or at least fatter than I want to be, I should say.


How was everyone else's Monday? Anyone get asked their weight today? Haha

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