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One of those days where all the little things sneak up and hit you like a tonne of bricks.

Guise. The evening had so much promise. I was semi-productive this afternoon doing schoolwork at home. Which is pretty great because grad school has been super stressful and awful lately. Mrmonster came home from work in a great mood and we were having a jolly old time just chatting and being silly.

Then mrmonster tells me he bought $150 Ralph Lauren suit on a whim. It was obviously on sale. But I am pissed, we aren't poor at all, but we are broke. We have a lot of student loans and are always a small disaster away from financial hardship. I was so angry.


Within 10 minutes of the suit argument, my dog escaped our yard (due to all the snow here in Winnipeg the fence isn't high enough anymore). I thought I had fixed the problems (he has escaped two other times from the yard since the snow started falling in November). Both timeshe escaped two different ways which I fixed. But he found a new way out, simply over the god damned fence since it is so low with all the snow.

Anyway as I am catching him a lady on the sidewalk reams me out. Like she yelled at me for 10 minutes. The anger was justified. I would be pissed too if someone else's dog kept escaping. I just kept apologizing, but she was just so mean. She kept threatening to call the pound because he has escaped so many times before.

See, while he has escaped out of the yard 3 times now, he has escaped out of the front door at least another 5 since we moved here in Sept 2013. All of the escaping is my roommates fault. Every single time it was their doing. They are morons and will/would leave the front door wide open when they know my dog will just bolt outta the house in a flash.

I am so irrationally angry right now. I have been crying for like 45 minutes. I am so mad at myself for being so upset for stupid reasons. Why am I incapable of soothing myself?!


Emotions suck so much sometimes.

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