Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I’m trying to wind down a little bit with online Christmas shopping, but not only have I been on the edge of Clumsy Tired, mr. lurker is walking in my shoes a bit today. It has resulted in way too much clean-up. We’re both recovering from nasty colds, both tired and stressed from work, and both had way too much to do yesterday. We were both tired enough to sleep at least 11 hours last night.

I slept later than himself as often happens on a Sunday (he always falls asleep before me but rarely falls back asleep in the morning), and came down to mr. lurker finishing his breakfast. Which was unusual, because he’d been up over an hour and a half. Turns out, he should have stayed in bed. He usually eats breakfast at his computer, and apparently as he was approaching his usual spot he came over all dizzy and spilled the entire bowl of porridge on the keyboard. He tried to clean it up before going for a second bowl of oatmeal, and was hoping it would work. He didn’t get anywhere near all the oatmeal out though. He spent half the day dismantling the keyboard and removing soggy oat goo while I put up the Christmas decorations that didn’t require four hands or a taller person.


PSA: oatmeal is not good for computer keyboards.

And then, dinner time rolled around and I managed to slip while carrying two full bowls of pasta with red sauce to the table. I saved the contents in my left hand, but my right arm caught on the edge of the counter and everything that had been in the bowl ended up on the floor or splashed against the just-laundered work shirts mr. lurker had hanging over a kitchen chair to be moved to the wardrobe.


You ever have one of those moments where you’re sitting on the floor surrounded by spilled food and just the though of standing up and cleaning the floor is a bit too much? I could not be arsed to make another full dinner. I handed mr. lurker the remaining pasta and had a bread roll with some cheese and grapes.

I also . . .

  • screwed up a Christmas card greeting to one of my sisters on a card specially picked for her
  • forgot to put the Christmas card for another sister in the parcel I addressed and sealed to be posted to her in the morning
  • wasted a hell of a lot of packing tape getting tangled in it

In good news, I did not break any glasses, mugs, bowls, or plates today (near miss on a mug that I knocked off the counter when falling), nor did I break the measuring cup I got to replace the last one I broke (close call . . . I wasn’t even using it, I just nearly pushed it out of the cabinet). I did not drop a pan on my toe (also possibly a near miss).


It could have been a worse day, but we had so many plans for being productive this weekend. And what a mess.

Fingers crossed the computer recognizes the keyboard in the morning.

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