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One Old Geek's Opinion 1: There's No Such Thing As A "Cos-poser".

OOGO is a new regular post of fandom rambling from the internet's number one weird uncle other than Gary Busey. The topics will vary, the names may be changed to protect the innocent/ridiculous. Do not taunt OOGO.

I have a friend, Samantha, that hates Jessica Nigri with a passion bordering on obsession.


Sam just turned 18 last year, and has dabbled in cosplay since she was 15-16. She doesn't have that perfect Vampy figure, but her passion for the things she loves shows every time she goes to a convention dressed as an anime character or the TF2 Scout. And just about everything Miss Nigri does rubs her the wrong way. Jessica often wears outfits that show off her athletic figure, she funds quite a bit of her cosplaying through merchandising, and yes.. sometimes Jessica's outfits look like excuses to show off the, in the immortal words of Stewart Bondeck, "sweatermeat".

Some of the things I've heard Sam say about Jessica have also been used as arguments against other well-known attractive wearers of silly outfits. Liz Katz started a Kickstater to fund a "Sexy Princess Peach Cosplay" shoot, and there are rumors that she had done adult material early in her modeling career. It's sometimes hard to go on cosplay forums and not find jokes about Yaya Han's breasts. I've heard guys criticize Linda Le for her female versions of male characters while completely glossing over the attention to detail Vampy puts in all of her work.

I've heard and read people call them that current terrible buzz-phrase "fake geek girls."

And every time I hear it, I struggle to not reach for a roll of single ply to stick in their mouths. Only the cheap shit for such raging bullshit will do.


I've commented over on Jez before about there not being any true "level" of geekdom. And I'm not going to repeat things that fall in the realm of common sense. But I am going to chime in on the concept of the "professional" cosplayer.

Let them do their fucking thing.

Yeah, it's that simple. If someone wants to pay for a poster of Jessica Nigri in lingerie that supports breast cancer research, good for the buyer. If someone wants to dress up as Babydoll from Sucker Punch and charge for the photos, it's a little dated and overdone.. but let them do it. If someone wears a revealing-yet-stunningly-accurate outfit to a convention, don't gawk, don't grope, don't call them attention whores. Maybe pay them a compliment, buy a little something if you want to support their awesome, and go about your business.


Just because someone finds a market for their interests, it doesn't invalidate their passion. Case in point, I give you Team LT3, and I'm fully comfortable with the amount of ass they can kick, including my own.

Oh, and in closing I feel the need to balance a little beef with my cheesecake. So, for those interested.. I give you.. Stripper Vash.


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